Safe Sleep At Home Research Paper

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Safe Sleep At Home
Support of Teaching Topics Healthy People 2020 identify the objective as reducing the rate of all infants’ deaths within one year. Currently the United States is at 6.7 infant deaths per 1,000 live births and the target for 2020 is to decrease the number to 6.0 infants (Healthy People 2020, 2016). Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death for infants until the age of one year (Bajanowski et al, n.d.). SIDS is associated with three key factors that Wedgewood describes as the “three hit model” include intrinsic infant vulnerability (birth weight, premature birth, prenatal smoke exposure), death during sleep, and being introduced to an external stressor, like temperature changes (Ball & Russell, 2014).
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The Client will explain the importance of safe sleep when transitioning home from the hospital to the student nurse after education. After the explanation of safe sleep habits, client will demonstrate the proper positioning of the baby and show what should be placed in the crib with the baby. The last part of the education is that the client will define SIDS, and again describe how their infant should be placed to sleep every night. These objectives will allow the student nurse to properly educate clients providing the desired …show more content…
This provided the clients with different opportunities to review the information, whether it was quiet to themselves or out loud with each other. After allowing the clients to review the information, the student nurse went back to the room to review the information. The student nurse discussed the information and client’s personal views on safe sleep and how to prevent SIDS. The student nurse allowed the clients to ask any questions about the information they just learned regarding proper sleep techniques. As part of the training, the student nurse then showed the clients how to properly swaddle their baby in the crib. This included the importance of making sure that the baby’s arms were out of the blanket incase of accidental rolling over to the stomach. The client was very well educated and spoke fluent English. Because of this, the information was taught at a normal reading level, which is a 10 grade reading

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