Follo Paragraph Explanation For Cyberbullying People

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Paragraph explanation with examples: When reading about this rule it said stuff about what you say over text or messages. If you are going to send a text to someone you might send it as a joke but the person you are sending to might not take it as a joke. If you send a text as a joke the person might take it to heart because there is no emotions in text. If you are going to send something it is different over text because it is not face to face with the person. Before you send a mean text to someone think about it would you say it to that person's face? If you know you wouldn't say it to that person's face then don't send it then! After sending that mean or rude text a little later the person could get you in trouble. The person could get you in trouble because anything you send can come back and get you in trouble if it is mean.

2. Core Rule: rule #2, Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you
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When you do something bad on the internet you may think that you won’t get in trouble but if someone sees that you did it they can save/screenshot it and show it to your parents, coach, teacher and then they can show the police and get you in trouble. Breaking the law is bad netiquette if you do something illegal in cyberspace that means you have bad netiquette. Some rules are complicated to actually know if you are doing something bad on the internet. When you send a text do it like you are talking to someone in real life and not on the internet. If you use shareware it may only cost a couple dollars but it can add up eventually. A lot of people will tell you that you won’t get caught if you do something bad on the internet but don’t listen to them follow the rules of netiquette and be safe. People usually don’t follow the rules of netiquette but everyone who uses the internet

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