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Engineering 1

Her Yang
School of Engineering and Science

Engineering 2

Steam engine is the first one or one of first engineering tools to be engineered and there are many other tools that are created such as the different types of engineering that are in us today to build those things such as mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical engineering, computer engineering and many others. According to USC Viterbi “School of Engineering Civil engineering began in 4000 and 2000 BC in Egypt during the times of the creation of the pyramids and with the increased need for transportation of goods, materials, and supplies for people and construction.” This means that engineering have been
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According to the ece “Computer engineer embed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make computers, faster smaller and more capable.” Computer engineering is all of these combined because it focuses on one thing, that is computers. Computer engineering is when you are putting all of the components of the computer together and programming the computer and wiring the computer. Electrical engineering is when they design the electrical components of the computer and making it. Computer engineering also includes putting all of the programs in the computer and programming it. Computer engineers us the programs that they would get from computer science programming to improve on low fast the computer can get and the protective program to fend of things like virus. Computer engineering doesn’t make the program but they do program the computer by using the programs that they would get. According to ece “computer engineers are improving the ability of computers to “see” and “think”.” They can do this by improving the programming of the computer. Computer engineering is not just the physical parts of the computer; it also includes the programming of the computer pretty much the brain of the computer also known as the CPU. Computers need the CPU because it process all of the software given to it. From that the computer would need a place to storage all of the software so it would need a hard drive. A computer would also need a mother board it is pretty much the thing that talks to all part of the computer and tell it what to do. There are many other component that the computer needs to be able to function. Computer engineers are the people that would design the entire component of the computer and then make it. Computer engineers are always trying to make newer generation of computer

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