Pantene Marketing Plan Essay

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Executive summary
The first part of the essay is mainly talking about the internal and external situation of Pantene. The internal analysis includes branding analysis, objectives, target market, company and brand analysis, industry, product, price, consumption value, financial trend and distribution channels. The external one contains political, economic, social, technological and environmental forces.
In competitive analysis, Pantene has a competitive advantages promotion and strong distribution network. Due to the high technology support, Pantene products are famous for good quality and great reputation. However, Pantene’s pricing strategies is using high price to indicate the high quality and distinguish their products with their
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To this, Pantene has developed a diversified portfolio of products, each applying to distinctive categories of consumers, depending on their demands and on specific socio-economical and psychological variables. The Pantene portfolio is now extended to include hair brushes, specific hair treatments or hair accessories." Objectives The objective of Pantene is to increase sales at about 2.5% and steadily improve market shares to approximately 15% by the end of 2011. The following trend and strategies are in an attempt to empower Pantene to maintain its leading position in hair care market of Australia, drive awareness of Pantene brand attributes and increase consumers’ purchase intent among its target audience of females aged 18 to 45. Target Market The Primary Target Market of Pantene is: * Females * Age from 18-45 * All areas of Australia Secondary Target Market is: * Males * All other ages of females too Company and Brand trend The graph below indicates the market share of the main hair care companies in Australia. Procter & Gamble Australia has led the market with a 33.2% market

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