Pandora's Box Of Cyberspace Case Study

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Pandora’s Box of Cyberspace In December of 2015, a man in San Bernardino walked into his place of work, the Department of Health during a holiday party and opened fire, left, and then returned again killing a total of 14 people and injuring 21 people. It was highly speculated that this man was a terrorist linked to a radical organization and was possibly planning multiple attacks following the shooting in December. Law enforcement officers believed the information about these future attacks and his correspondence with the radical organization was stored in his iPhone 5c. The FBI wanted Apple to make it easier for them to guess the 4 or 6-digit password without having to worry about the phone wiping away the information. The FBI issued …show more content…
Apple was resilient against the federal government for the protection of their users. The FBI unlawful overstepped boundaries as a government official. Vivek Wadhwa was quoted in “Apple-FBI battle over San Bernardino terror attack investigation: All the details” saying “Apple is obstructing law enforcement’s [investigation] and effectively aiding terrorists [since] they changed [their] technology” to purposely limit the access of the FBI. Apple has the right to change their intellectual property. Apple was enhancing their security to meet the growing demands of their users and to protect their information. It is similar to tactics and approaches used by law enforcement, which have changed over time, to effectively deescalate threats such as bombs or a suspect with a gun. They both progressed for the safety of their patrons. Bill Gates said, in support of the FBI, “[this] is a specific case where the FBI is asking for access to information.” Granted, this was an exceptional case of large-scale domestic terrorism but all the facts weren’t on the table. For example, not disclosed to the public were the 12 other iPhones that the Department of Justice wanted access to from Apple in pending criminal cases by court order. The public is being expected to make an educated decision about what is right when all the facts are not the as widely distributed. The people are being coerced by the FBI to believe that without Apple’s complete compliance Apple does not care about safety and national security. The FBI sought to gain something far more dangerous than possible accomplices and schemes but the absolute power to access anyone’s information. As reported in “The Apple-FBI Fight Isn’t About Privacy vs. Security. Don’t Be Misled” by Brian Barrett, “as computer scientists with extensive security and systems experience, law enforcement is asking for a great deal of access to

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