September 11th, 2001: A Day That Changed America

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September 11th, 2001 is a day that everyone in American history knows. It is observed annual in schools and other federal buildings, and anyone alive and aware of their surroundings on that day could tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when they received the news of the treacherous event. A terrorist attack where two passenger planes were hijacked to crash into the twin towers would change American history forever. Not only would this change the lives of the individual citizens, who were now becoming more patriotic, but foreign and domestic policies would change the way trade and business was conducted in the world as well.
The beginnings of terrorism when America is considered or even terror as a whole as it seeps through
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It wasn’t as if everything happened at once and then it was over and the death numbers were reported through the news. After the first plane hit the tower, news coverage was everywhere and people were crowding at the base of the buildings to see what would happen next. The towers didn’t crash immediately either. People were killed instantly as the plane crashed through the side of the building, but others desperately fought to save their lives, some by going down staircases and others by jumping out of windows. These people- as they fought for the last inch of life through immense heat and clouded lungs- were watched lived by millions of people- and even if the deaths weren’t in the immediate family of certain citizens, the despair could be felt after watching their final fighting moments(9/11 Commission Report, 5). On top of that, so many noble men who went out to try and save the lives of these people, as it was their job, were lost that day too. When innocent people who had nothing to do with American political views but may have been simply working for the government or working in public service to ensure the safety of the citizens, dies because of these vicious attacks made on the American government, the President could not simple stand by and watch as the people retaliated in their own ways. Especially with the media coverage this attacked received, it would have been hard to shut down a citizen revolt after tensions ran so high. When phone calls of children calling their parents in their finals moments expressing their dire concern and love and appreciation for everything they’ve been given in life, is it extremely difficult for a mentally stable human being to keep their heart from hurting. (9/11 Commission Report, 8)This resulted in the domestic Patriot Act, and the foreign Bush

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