Panasonic, Duracell And Energizer: International Market Analysis

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Identifying international opportunities

All four companies Panasonic, Duracell and Energizer recognize the importance of international opportunities as mentioned in competitor analysis have invested and diversified in different international market segments. Energizer, as a direct competitor to Duracell and number one battery producer, has positioned itself to compete in international markets giving a strong and ruthless race. Another reason companies mentioned decided to have an international presence is due to globalization and demand for reliable long lasting products. Such move to international markets also allows for cost reduction thus increase of shareholder wealth.

Increased market size Panasonic perhaps has the better international strategy to increase market size by capitalizing in the strong emerging Asian markets although, Panasonic is not a direct competitor to Energizer business model this
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Energizer is able to capitalize on labor, natural resources, land, capital and infrastructure to push for becoming the number one battery provider in the world. Although, competition is fierce, Energizer has made important key decisions to move internationally and use cheap resource and labor availability to own advantage

International Corporate-Level Strategy International Corporate-Level Strategy as such, is very limited to all four companies. Panasonic seems to be the leader with having multiple relationships with different industries such as auto. Energizer might be lacking in diversification needed to maintain the number two position. Future analysis later would add some insight how Energizer could attain the competitive edge and perhaps develop a concrete Corporate level strategy. As of current, Energizer is not a very strong competitor in capturing different market segments such as auto, cell phone and/or PC segments internationally.


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