Essay about Pan's Labyrinth

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Pans labyrinth is an intense movie of a young girl struggles to break free of the restraints of being a child and the cruelties of living through Spanish fascism. Pans labyrinth is anything but your ordinary ‘time filling’ movie. It has great depth and an intricate web of occult and archetypal symbols. Guillermo del Toro, the director, does not shy away from exposing the harshness of reality and the intertwined fantasy. This one of a kind movie gives you a rare moment to see the world with a different light. You begin to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and life. It brings up the question of have people living in the materialistic world of the 21st century lost sight of what is real. The movie’s compelling storyline, rich …show more content…
The faun tells her that she is the long lost princess of the underworld and that she must complete three tasks in order to go home.
Her first tasks it to retrieve a key from a huge frog that is sucking the life out of an ancient fig tree. Fig trees over thousands of years were considered sacred. A fig tree is the symbol of life and enlightenment. The tree itself looks somewhat like a uterus and when Ofelia enters she finds it is soft and moist bringing back to the idea of the womb and the giving of life. The frog stands for rebirth renewal and transition. Del Toro chose the frog and the fig tree for their emphasis on the giving of life. In contrast the frog and fig tree symbolize the authorities sucking the life out of the Spanish people during the time of fascism.
Ofelias second task is to retrieve a dagger from the pale man without succumbing to the temptation of food while there. Ofelia sees the pale man is sitting in front of a huge feast but she also see stacks of children’s shoes and depictions of the pale man eating them. Children symbolise memories, a happier time where we were too young to really understand what is happening and how simple thing used to seem. The pale man represents the fascist government and by eating children the pale man or the government are sucking all hope and happiness from our memories. Once retrieving the dagger ofelia cannot help herself and eats a grape therefore succumbing to materialist

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