The Legacy Of Americo Paredes Book Analysis

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In the book “The Legacy of Americo Paredes” the author Jose Lopez Morin described the experiences of Americo Paredes a Mexican American whom was a great asset to the Chicano Folklore and the Mexican American history. The book focused on Americo Paredes work which eventually led to the challenge of Mexican American stereotypes since the U.S literature had annotated for many years otherwise. The book is organized in five different chapters, which emphasize The Lower Rio Grande, His Life and Work, With his Pistol in His Hand, Toward New Perspectives in the Folklore and Cultural Anthropology, and the conclusion. Jose Lopez Morin supported the book argument by using literature, life experiences, and stories as references in supporting his focus …show more content…
Through a corrido “El Corrido de Gregorio Cortes”, Americo Paredes demonstrates the strength and courage of the Mexican American people in regards to the Texas Rangers. The song focused on Gregorio Cortes standpoint against the Texas Rangers, making him a representation of the Mexican people in Texas. With the oppression happening in Texas towards the Mexican people, Gregorio’s courage to stand up and fight back was seen as bravery to his people. With false information the Texas Rangers killed Gregorio’s Cortes brother, leading to making a choice of killing a Texas Ranger. Such action pushed him to flee, since he knew they would come after him. Leaving his family behind Cortes went on the run. The Mexican people had view his actions as brave, because no one had ever confronted a Texas Ranger. The Mexican people supported and helped Cortes, being aware that granting help would lead to them having problems with the law. While being on the run Cortes decided to turn himself in because the Texas Rangers had taken his family. Jose Lopes Morin demonstrates how Americo Paredes uses the Gregorio Cortes corrido, to show an important part of the Mexican people in Texas, due to the impact that the people felt. It is evident that through performances such as songs, important stories with significant meaning were

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