Can Biodiesel Oil Replace Fossil Fuel In The Future?

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Since the invention of modern technologies, oil is one of the most important source in this world. This is due to its variety kind of usage that will not only contribute to people but also towards any country that uses this source. For now, fossil fuel is widely being used as the primary oil in a lot of sectors such as transportation, production and manufacturing. As for that, we can conclude that fossil fuel is very important towards enhancing the growth of economy but with all of the advantages, there are also disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are increasing prices of oil, depleting resources and also increasing pollutions. These problems have increased the interest of many countries to be focused on finding clean and renewable fuel …show more content…
This will surely make any country that depends on fossil fuel such as Malaysia to be less worried if the source has depleted. The main question here is, can biodiesel oil which is palm oil can replace fossil fuel in the future? Therefore, to answer this question, we have to know the advantages of this renewable source in different aspects such as social, economy, environment and also technologies.

The first aspect that people need to know is the impact that palm oil can produce towards social. In a developing country such as Malaysia, the most important thing to ensure the growth of the economy is by making sure that the citizen in the country is in the best of health. This can surely be done by using palm oil as the main oil as it can be used in many different ways. If palm oil is used as fuel for transportation, it will surely enhance the health of each person in this world. Palm oil can be one of the answer for decreasing sources of fuels as it is a clean and renewable
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Nowadays, there are a lot of pollutions that have been occurred in our world and fossil fuel is one of the main causes for this bane due to the high containment of sulphur and carbon dioxide. The only way to overcome this problem is by using palm oil. Palm oil contains low sulphur and carbon dioxide as it has more quality combustion that ensure the better usage of its energy content. As cited in Cheah (2004), this oil is also a clean source of energy because it “does not contribute to the increasing of carbon dioxide” (Nagi J., et al., 2008). This can surely reduce the effect of green house that is currently one of the critical problem that is occurring in our world. Through an experiment that had been done by Nagi J., et al. (2008), fossil diesel produce more carbon dioxide emission rather than palm bio diesel. This is due to the oxygenated nature of palm oil that causes the reduction of carbon dioxide emission. As cited by Chin, Choong, W. W. and Alwi (2014), this can be a counter step to ensure that carbon dioxide production can be minimized as the current fuel, fossil fuel have been already marked as one of the largest carbon contributor in the world (Kamalrudin Mohammed Salleh, et al., 2016). As for that, people now must to make sure that they use palm oil as it can give a lot of benefits towards the environment as it is also a

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