PT1 Essay: The Complexities Of PTSD

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The Complexities of PTSD
The modern day term PTSD was originally used to describe a soldier who was adversely affected by war. (An example for this would be seeing so many people getting shot and then killed.) Over the course of time and studies, researchers found that the Holocaust, natural disasters, and man-made disasters could also lead to PTSD symptoms. PTSD has evolved into a more common diagnosis but still each person evaluated must meet the criteria needed to classify their illness as PTSD, but there is a very thin line between PTSD and moral injury. PTSD can affect many people and ages. Initially the term for PTSD was called “shellshock” and people thought that it was only a result of war, but through time and research it is known
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There were other hunters out in the same woods. They were trying to “push” the deer to one area. The men were all lined up; about 20 of them. They all shot at once. Those hunters did not realize that the father and son were in the same direction as they shot. A bullet hit the father 's jaw and shattered it, chipped his spine, and centimeters away from death. His 12 year old son had to witness his father getting shot in the jaw. He cried for help and the father was flown to the hospital. The bullet was removed and now he has to get a metal plate put into his jaw. The mother said that her son was taking everything very well. This boy could be an example of someone who could develop PTSD because of a traumatic …show more content…
Moral injury is personal and selective. While those who have PTSD, have a set list of criteria that they have to comply with, moral injury is very different. Moral injury can be caused by harming civilians during combat, whether accidentally or knowingly; giving orders that cause death or injury to a troop; not providing medical treatment to a civilian or service member in serious conditions; failing to report sexual assault against oneself, civilian or troop; following orders that were illegal, immoral, or against Geneva Convention. Moral injury could be caused after returning from combat by hearing of killing done by cooperation local nationals, or morals changing and reflecting on what had happened during combat. (Syracuse University ,

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