Medical Case Study: Joint Replacement Surgery

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As outlined by Del Mar, Hoffman and Glasziou (2015, p. 22), the PICO format will guide me in formulating answerable question in relation to my case scenario.
P: Patients who have had joint replacement surgery
I: Lavender oil massage
C: The massage, the lavender oil or the personal care
O: Relief of joint and muscle pain
Using the information drafted, here are two questions that I have come up with:
1. In patients who have had joint replacement surgery who received lavender oil massage, which component provided the good effect in relieving their joint and muscle pain: the massage, the use of lavender oil or the personal care?
2. How effective is the lavender oil when used as massage in the relief of muscle and joint pain of patients who have
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I will involve my unit manager whose support will be significant when I will be meeting other healthcare providers. Next one will be the orthopaedic surgeons who perform the joint replacement surgery, parallel to them will be the physiotherapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitative practitioners. This is to gather information on their thoughts, special considerations and ask permission to make use of the new treatment being introduced and how it will be implemented. I will also be involving the pain management nurse, wound management nurse, and infection control nurse. Pain management nurse is the one in charge of evaluating patients’ response to therapeutic regimen advised for the relief of pain. Wound management and infection control nurses will ensure the proper care of the surgical wounds. Moreover, it is also their responsibility to evaluate if the healing process of the operative site is being slowed down by the intervention. Last but not least, the pharmacy department needs to be informed to ensure the availability of the lavender oil to be used. Proper information exchange can be achieved by holding a closed-door set meeting with the concerned team members to ensure that everyone can comprehend and participate in the in-service education being …show more content…
Proper information dissemination and health teaching on the benefits, risks and procedures involved with regard to the traditional and alternative interventions. It is important to give them the opportunity to make preferences with regard to their care. However, prior to approaching the patient with my new found knowledge, I should consider the unique needs, belief, culture and practices of the patients

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