Overpopulation: Preserve The World

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Overpopulation: Preserve The World

If there was a way to have a better life for you and your loved ones would you take it? Or would you rather not take the opportunity and struggle throughout the rest of your life because of how the world is so congested, this will happen by world overpopulation. In the past, overpopulation started out from the baby boom which increased the birth rate, and according to Ewan Mcleish the author of “Overcrowded World, (16)” he stated that it made 40% of the national population. Today, overpopulation is a national crisis, and it will affect us much worse in the future. So, my solution to world overpopulation is to eliminate the elderly 65 and over. By supporting my proposal, this will decrease the
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By doing nothing to reduce the global population, the rise in unemployment will continue to go up, and jobs will be much more limited. Demand will increase too; it will raise the prices of our needs like food, gas, healthcare, and shelter but the product and resources will decrease also. And as the needs of our resources will rise, this will cause a depletion of our natural resources, we will need to cut down more forests for more houses, stores, and facilities, and we will overdo on coal, oil, and other natural resources which can cause more pollution. In the Academic book, Overcrowded world written by Ewan Mcleish, he states that “Riots over food shortages and lack of water will disrupt every day and environmental destruction and loss of productive land will happen too.” (5). Other effects of overpopulation can lead to high crime rates and an outbreak of epidemics due to a large amount of people and the lack of food, water, and medicine. Wars and conflicts will break out due to the limited sources, poverty, and starvation. Also, this not only can cause tension among other countries, but this can cause a war between our own country too. As fossil fuels increase, so will global warming, which can lead to melting of glaciers, ice caps, and a leading of widespread water scarcity. The problems that I have specified will only continue to become worse, and that wouldn’t be a proper place to live or raise your child. By implementing my solution, the elimination process will start out in every single country, and the population will decrease from year to year. So by supporting my solution, it will eliminate all the issues and will even make life better for the

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