Breast Cancer: Complications In My Life

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In my life, there has been many obstacles or complications that I have faced and overcome over the past years. Out of the many that I have faced, the biggest obstacle that I have overcome was when my mom developed breast cancer. It was back in the year 2010, I was back in 5th grade and I can still remember certain pieces from the exact day I found out. My brother and I were coming home from school, seeing as it was a typical school day. Some years before, my grandma had been diagnosed with the same breast cancer but was cured so I didn’t think it would be genetic, seeing as I didn’t know everything about the world at the time. When we got into the house, my mother looked fine, a smile on her face and she seemed normal. I actually didn’t know …show more content…
She also explained that the cancer had yet developed again and that she immediately needed surgery to remove it. I can still remember how I felt, lost. I didn’t know who to go to talk about it, I didn’t really have anyone to express how I felt about the thought of losing my mom to this deadly disease. Just the thought of losing her at all put me to tears. After a few appointments that I went to for support for her, spending time with her, and always checking on her it was finally the day. Surgery day. This surgery was based on if the cancer could get out so she could live or if it would spread rapidly. I sat in the doctor’s office with my family, anxiously waiting for the doctor to come out of those big doors and tell me that she was going to be fine. I was nail-biting, knee-bouncing, tapping nervous. The clock ticked, it actually seemed much slower than usual. It was so quiet in the waiting room you could hear the ticking of the clock. A few hours later the doctor came out with a smile, causing everyone to stand and ask how she was. She had made it. It was like a huge weight just lifted from my chest. She would

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