Annotated Bibliography Of The American Cancer Society Essay

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Annotated Bibliography

"What Is Breast Cancer?" Everyday Health. American Cancer Society, Inc., 12 Nov. 2010. Web. 4 Feb. 2011.

The American Cancer Society is a health organization to help with cancer because cancer is very dangerous, and the elimination process for cancer can be very time consuming. They try to save lives and help those who are in need because of cancer. The Cancer Society was founded in 1913 by 15 physicians under their first name known as the American Society for the Control of Cancer (ASCC). The American Cancer Society explains in this article of what breast cancer is. They give very thorough information of how breast cancer starts. It might just be an article, but this article has been very helpful towards women and young girls around the world, and how the article is written by using categories for the topics so that the information will not clash. This gives it a more unique attempt to put in writing because the information is more organized for the reader and as well as the writer. They also give statistics so that the information is clearer for the reader. This article gave me great information on Breast Cancer because it really explains in great detail of what Breast Cancer is. The American Cancer Society does a great job with the work, but they do not give a precise time of how the cancer can spread. There is not really a time limit for the cancer to spread, but they do include precise measurements in the article. Compared to related articles…

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