Outline Of Children And Young People Essay

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P1 – Outline why children and young people may need to be looked after away from their families.
The term ‘looked after children’ has a legal meaning which is based on the Children Act. The child is looked after by the local authorities if he or she has been provided with accommodation for a time period of more than 24 hours. Most of the children who are looked after by the local authorities are placed with foster carers as they believe it is in the best interest of the child because they are living within a family environment. However, some children may get put into residential care as this is more appropriate for them. (Hantsweb, 2010)
When a child is adopted, returned home or they turn 18, they are no longer referred as being ‘looked after’. When they are adopted or returned home, they are no longer needed to help care for the child because that will be the families’ responsibility. When a child turns 18, they will have to go and get a job or go onto further education. The local authority will continue to help support the child leaving care at 18 until they reach the age of 21. (NSPCC, 2016)
There are many children who are placed in foster care. Some young people may just need fostering for a few nights, while others need a more permanent family environment. Some may also have specific needs, such as disability. There are four different types of foster care that a child can receive. These are short term, long term, respite and emergency.
A short term foster placement…

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