Brief Program Outline: Archaeology Field School

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Title of instructional program:
Archaeology Field School
Subject matter:
Brief Program Outline
The first portion of the program the instructor will explain archaeology, directions, definitions and tools to the participants. Gridding will be briefly discussed as the site will already be gridded beforehand. A brief description of site area will be given to the students along with ideas of what might have lived here (Native American, colonists). Lastly, the instructor will go over how to properly and safely use the tools provided and the consequences if the rules are not followed.
In the second portion, students are split into groups. Some groups will be screening others excavating. Each group will switch at least once so each participant has the ability to experience both aspects. As artifacts are discovered the participants will begin to deduce what the artifacts are, with the instructor there when help is needed or a child is struggling. The instructor will
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The participants must pay attention to the instructor and remember what they are being told to do, and how to reproduce it. The rules and techniques to follow will be clearly identified and credible by the instructor. o By providing a well-organized dialogue along with continuing to provide an area where questions and free-thinking area welcome, this will help learners to remember the skills they have observed. They are motivated by the instructor and their peers to follow the instructions that were demonstrated to successfully excavate. o After observation of the instructor, it will be time for the participants to reproduce what they were taught. This will test the dialogue and techniques of what the instructor has

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