Out of the Darkness Essay

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Out of the Darkness; Communicating With Autistic Children

Angela Arnett


University of Phoenix Out of the Darkness! Communicating with Autistic Children

What would you consider using if you had to talk with a child that has Autism?

If you are someone who is unaware of what Autism is, Autism is a Developmental

Disorder also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASDs). Autism impairs the social

interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication, unusual or limited actions.

According to, "National Institute Of Neurological Disorders And Stroke”,

Children with Autism may avoid direct eye contact, fail to answer when
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Sign language can be used as a visual aid or as a second language for children who have Autism. As stated in The International Journal of Special Education (Vol. 23, 2008), “Sign language teaching has been in the autism literature for over thirty years.” It can proven that when speaking with the hands, the child can learn that there is more to life, than the darkness of what they have known. Some children with Autism never say a word. Sign language is giving them a way of communication and a sense of independence.
|Teaching them sign language provides them a way of telling youtheir wants and needs in a manner which is more respectful and easily |
|understood. Due to this, the child would experience less frustration. (Ticani 2004). |

Communicating with autistic children can improve the way the child behaves, learns, and knowing that they can communicate better with everyone that they may come in contact with throughout their life. Music has helped when calming an autistic child. Listening to music, as we all know is calming to all of us at some point in our lives. As infants and young children, we liked lullabies, children's songs. As adults, we listen to opera, country, or even rock to calm ourselves from stress or just relaxation. For autistic children, it can be considered a very useful tool. According to “Autism Speaks” website ”Music helps in

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