Out Of The Darkness: Film Analysis

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The film, “Out of the Darkness”, was a documentary based on how porn is a problem in our world. The film centers around four subjects: former prostitute and porn actress, Shelley Lubben; recovered sex addict, Mark Houck; family therapist, Richard Fitzgibbons; and sexual revolution historian, Judith Reisman. These individuals are more than talking heads, they provided stories about how porn and attitudes about sex had altered their lives.
First, the most interesting and eye-opening person that spoke was Shelley Lubben. Her downfall started at an early age when she was disregarded by her parents and sexually molested at the age of 9. This then caused her to look for love in all the wrong places. After being kicked out of her parent’s house, she
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Rick Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist from Philadelphia, explained the “sexual utilitarian philosophy” which states that life was all about me and my own pleasures, and that we may use others for this end. He goes on throughout the documentary claiming people are on a “self-destructive course” with all the accessibility to illicit things in our lives in which people can’t recover from (divorce, not knowing how to relate to others, women viewed as objects, drug and substance abuse, etc).
Last, Mark Houck, a single man who was deep into pornography, eventually giving it up. Presented an example in which as a young boy, he would rather stay home and access porn instead of going out with possibility friends or even a girl, just because he dreaded the feeling of rejection as who he was. Thus, this example leads into something he said regarding porn, “Porn is the temptation of the lonely.” This quote and his example prior go hand in hand, on how porn can screw up the youth’s lives for the future.
In conclusion, porn has negatively changed many lives including these four individuals in the documentary. Going forward, someone has to step up and either stop the pornography business as a whole or regulate the business in which the youth of our society cannot access it and continue to destroy their own

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