Our Shrinking World : Globalization Is The Process Of Interaction And Integration Among People Of Different Countries

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Issue Paper #2: Our Shrinking World Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people of different nations that is pushed and aided primarily by the advancements of technology . Throughout time it has been noted that as technology advances, so does the relations between different nations. This is evident in our lives every day, as people travel to different countries in airplanes and order an item online that is from a country on the other side of the planet or being able to discover current issues in other countries by using the Internet and social media. All of these things make the world seem a lot smaller and more connected than it had seemed before. Globalization starts when people discover and begin to interact with foreign nations1. It can be traced back all the way to the Silk Road and other various trade routes in the Middle East during the early years of civilization. A great example of this was Abraham Ben Yiju. Yiju was a Jewish trader, born during the Holy Wars in the 1100s, who traveled throughout Egypt and into the Middle East.1 Archaeologists have been able to trace where he went by translating letters he had written while traveling on his very long journey. He would travel along trading routes, trading his wares/technologies and brought different cultures to various countries who, prior to Yiju, had never experienced a different culture before.1 This was back during the 1100s when very little was scientifically known about the…

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