Thematic Analysis Othello

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Thematic Analysis Warefare
Deception and manipulation are common tatics used in war. Although they might not seem to be very effective in many battles they are the best tatics due to their ability to mentally destroy an enemy. Othello takes place during the war between Venice and Turkey that took part in the sixteenth century. It is set in Venice the Italian city where Othello was moved to help in battle. In Othello, Shakespeare says that the most dangerous battles occur phscologically.
It is easier and more detrimental to destroy someone physcologically than physically. The most detrimental battle occurs between Iago and Othello. Iago plants the seeds of jealousy in Othello by asking “Did Michael Cassio when (-- removed HTML --)
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Emilia found Desdemona dead “Nay, lay thee down, and roar! For thou hast killed the sweetest innocent that e’er did lift up eye” (Shakespeare 5.2.236-238). As a result of Iago’s plan to manipulate Othello, Emilia is affected greatly. Iago was manipulating Othello and both of their behaviors result in death. It is evident that even Iago is not mentally stable for all the damage he is doing and kills Emilia. Desdemona was affected by Othello’s behavior after he was manipulated by Iago “Be thus when thou art dead, and I will kill thee and love the after” (Shakespeare 5.2.20). Desdemona was killed by Othello after he was manipulated by Iago. There is a physical struggle in this scene but it is all brought on by what is going on mentally for Othello. He is jealous, manipulated and cannot think strait which leads him to kill Desdemona. When there are things going wrong mentally it changes the person completely. This affects the people around them, no fictional character or reader could forget what happens in this book showing phsycological warefare affects everyone and has long lasting effects. What is longer lasting than death? As a result of Iago’s manipulation four characters are dead and even he is sent to be tortured “I kissed thee ere I killed thee.” (Shakespeare 5.2.420) Othello being the main target of Iago killed Desdemona and then himself. There is nothing more lasting than death. There is no turning back and they could not undo what they did. This also plays a part in efffecting the people around Othello. Not only do they witness and see what unfolds from Iago’s deception but they are left without a good military general and the loss of a couple other people in the military. From the moment Iago started there was no turning back and there was no changing what did and everyone who witnessed it or even read it will

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