Essay about Othello, By William Shakespeare

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In Othello Emilia is a side character who is often used as a pawn in Iago’s plans, which causes her to do terrible things to Desdemona. When we analyze her character however, we realize that she is not an evil character. We know this because throughout the play she is unaware of Iago’s plan, and she also tries to convince people of her lady’s innocence even if there isn’t any evidence proving that she is loyal. Lastly, when she learns of what she did she told Othello exactly what had happened and betrayed her husband so the truth about Desdemona could be revealed. This shows Emilia loves and is fiercely loyal to Desdemona, and should not be held responsible for her death as it was Iago’s manipulation that caused her to betray her lady.
In Othello Emilia is often used as a part of Iago’s plans, however she should not be held responsible for it because she had no idea what Iago was planning. This is because she is married to Iago and is expected to do what he asks of her. For example, in act four she steals Desdemona’s handkerchief when her husband asks, even though he does not tell her what he is planning on doing with it. To people today, it might seem absurd that did she did exactly what Iago asked without question, however in Shakespearean times women were considered just property of their husbands. They were expected to do whatever their husbands asked without questioning it, even if they did not believe in what they were doing. This is why when Iago told her to steal…

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