Orientation By Daniel Orozco Summary

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Daniel Orozco is famous for writing the short story called “Orientation.”In his story Daniel uses lots of explanation to give the readers what they want to hear. The tone that is explained to the readers is broad,because he shows a lot of imagery to let the audience know what he is talking about. Daniel talks about how everything is explained around where he works at and tells the people that he is giving a tour all about what the job is like, and between right and wrong. Everything seems weird when he is introducing the future employees at the job. By analysing the short story Daniel sentences are very depth in his sentences, the dialogue he uses,his actions,and is clear to what is exp.
When it appears in the short story , Daniel Orozco,
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He describes them, by the way there appear in the story and what all they do at their job. He might criticize some of them,because of what all they have done. When Daniel states, “That over there is Kevin Howard, he is a serial killer, we call him “carpet cutter”.”We can tell that Kevin is a very great guy, he has a very great personality and doesn 't harm people that he knows, only strangers, he also keeps it all to himself and doesn 't let no one else find out. They all later say in the part of the story with Kevin, “he is our fastest typist, he types as his hands are on fire.”there they say that no one is as fast as him at typing for work assignments that need to be done. Kevin is a very polite person, but is sometimes a …show more content…
She has a very crazy thing about penguins and how she really adores them and has lots of them in her office. Penguins come from everywhere in her office, she had penguin sweaters, t-shirts and even socks. Everything that deals with penguins you name it she has it and the most unusual thing that I saw it that she has a license plate that reads “ PEN GWEN” It’s pretty cool to have a plate like that. Gwendolyn door is open to everyone that needs her support, if you are having trouble with something she is right there to speak to you and comfort you to feel better in your situation. She brings food for the employees to enjoy on Wednesday and Friday, on Wednesday she brings danish for hump day and on Friday she brings doughnuts for TGIF. Overall she is the kindest women at the

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