Orientalism : A Complete Definition Of Orientalism Essay example

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A. Synthesize and Summarize: Write down a complete definition of Orientalism. In other words, how have European and other Westerners conceived of, and thought about Asia? It’s a complex, multifaceted theoretical concept, so please write down at least 3-4 bullet points to arrive at a complete definition.

• Orientalism identified the way Asia was constructed as Europe’s other.
• Orientation endangered subordination
• System that thought help its ideology that authorizes colonialism.
• Helps justifies western authority centralizes western culture.

Orientalism was describes by Edward Said as “a western style for dominating, reconstructing and having authority over the orient” (orientalism keyword 182). Orientalism identified the way Asia has been constructed. Asian was constructed as Europe’s “other” whether because of race, culture, behavior or physical appearance, Asian’s always appeared to be endangered, inferior and immutable (pg.11) . Okihiro in his essay defines “Europe and America is based on assumption of Asian other which is also related to orientalism. Orientalism was often seen as racism in Asian American studies” (Orientalism Keyword 183). In the essay, Orientalism also defines that “Asians were inferior to and deformations of Europeans, and orientalism’s purpose was to stir an inert people, raise them to their former greatness and shape them and give them an identity and subdue and domesticate them” (When And Where I Enter pg. 7). I believe orientalism was used…

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