Organizational Value And Consumer Demand Essay

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Maintenance phase, if the consumer finds errors and problems; the company will make necessary changes and upgrades to meet customer demands and loyalty. Agile development is heavily based on mathematical computations (Agile Methodology). It focuses on rapid delivery for functional components. Task at hand can be prioritized by the organization (Agile Methodology). If another emergent task appears the plan can be reprioritized and the information can be replanned for the future. The status of the project can be evaluated by team, through each phase of the build. Agile methodologies are open to change and transformation. This can be achieved by constant feedback from the users. Some work might need more priorities than others. In that case, work can be organized into immediate priorities section based on organizational value or consumer demand. Ultimate goal of iteration is to produce a functional product. Leadership is encouraged in Agile methodologies, I believe leadership encourages teamwork and accountability. In order for Agile to be successful, stockholders and developers must work together to create a product that will satisfy consumer and organizational goal.
In this section I will discuss the advantages/ disadvantages about of waterfall methodology. Before beginning the process, each stage has a set deadline as it progress through the development. This also allows easy control and departmentalization. Development process is in a linear fashion, which allows…

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