Organizational imapact OI/361 Essay

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Organizational Impact Paper

The purpose of this paper is to show how to evaluate the impact on innovation through strategies, processes, products and services through three different organizations. The organizations evaluated are Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble’s and the University of Phoenix. As a manager of the in original and companies, it is important that several companies find a system to pursue accordingly and maintain the focus on remaining competitive. Consumers of all three businesses will profit from innovated options such as keeping the cost of products and services at a lower cost and by offering better options for a price which will enhance savings.
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This type of quality planning will move the company forward and not be left behind.
Barnes and Nobles
The Barnes & Noble’s impact on strategy is to take advantage of the technology that improves the quality of the company’s infrastructure, products and services may have risks associated with. One possible risk can be the data privacy and information security (Barnes & Noble, 2010). Consumers may now buy books or e-books through entering their credit cards or bank accounts online. Another risk can be the consumer spending patterns. The consumers’ demand for products may be low, and can therefore result to decrease in sales and net income of the company. Competition can also be a risk associated with the initiative. For example, Amazon also has a product similar to Nook, which is the Kindle e-book reader. However, Barnes & Noble also has products that no other company can offer, such as the amount of free e-books that the company offers to those who purchased their products. As long as these risks, initiatives, and the financial planning are effectively managed before a problem occurs, there would be a greater success in implementing the strategy of the company. University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix impact on strategy, process, product, or services in the education service over 22 years; they offer an array of classes with flexible schedules. An individual can acquire an Associate,

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