Hawaii Health System Corporation Case Study

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Hawaii Health System Corporation consists of more than 70 affiliation agreements with various educational institutions that provide training and residency programs for all health care professionals (Hawaii.gov, 2014). Hawaii Health System Corporation (HHSC) operates over 1,200 patient beds with more than 4,000 employees in facilities situated on five Hawaiian Islands (Hawaii.gov, 2014). Hawaii Health System Corporation facilities run a critical care hospital, community hospitals, long-term care, assisted living facility, medical health centers, and physician offices. Additionally, HHSC oversees its’ own not-for-profit Health Systems Foundation that raises money to support all its establishments. Hawaii Health System Corporation recently began …show more content…
The vision is to be known as a model healthcare organization for accessible, cohesive, patient focused healthcare system. To be financially responsible, focused on guaranteed quality care to improve patient health and promote health awareness of neighboring communities (Hawaii.gov, 2014). Hawaii Health Systems Corporation internal vision is to be the employer of choice for all of its staff and the system of choice for physicians (Leidos Health.com, 2014). Hawaii Health Systems Corporation prides itself in providing care geared to meeting the needs of all Hawaii’s unique island communities. HHSC goals and objectives are geared at efficiency, ingenuity and teamwork to provide quality-driven, patient focused, cost effective programs and services (Hawaii.gov, …show more content…
HHSC supports its mission and vision by involving physicians, leaders in the communities and staff members in making organization decisions. HHSC foundation raises funds to benefit the community and local hospitals financially so they can provide medical care to all patients in need.
Consumer and Patient Rights of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation Hawaii Health Systems Corporation follows the states’ law regarding a patient’s bill of rights. Patients and consumers have the right to the following:
• Quality medical care and treatment along with respectful care while maintain the patients dignity
• Right to privacy regarding their personal medical care
• Right to expect all information pertaining to the patient will be kept confidential according to HIPAA
• Patient has the right to information from healthcare providers about their diagnosis, treatments, procedures, and

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