Organizational Culture Is Defined As A Collaborative Process Of Creating Shared Awareness

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Organizational culture is defined as “ a collaborative process of creating shared awareness and understanding out of different individuals. Perspectives and varied interests”(Watkins, 2013). It helps to orient the members of an organization by acting as an immune system (Watkins, 2013). Every organization has it’s own values which defines the culture and belief of an organization, guides the outline and action of an organization and helps to deal with the issues that may arise within an organization (Norman, n. d).

Values of an organization and the values of a nurse should match with each other so that effective patient care outcome will be achieved. When the values of nurses don’t align with the organizational values, nurses will be frustrated, which has direct relationship with the patient care. In order to provide best possible care to the patients, nurses need to have job satisfaction, which can be obtained by adjusting with their personal values.
Personal values has direct relationship with the individuals decision making behavior, attitude, judgement skills and others and those components are very important for patient care so, there should be co- relation between the organizational and personal values. If the values of the nurse align with the values of an organization, nurses will be highly motivated to perform their job, which will meet the organization’s goal as well as provide job satisfaction to the nurses. In addition, there will be harmony between…

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