Organizational Culture And Its Effect On The Success Of An Organization

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Organizational leadership has many different functions and often has a direct impact on the success of failure of an organization. Two key areas that will be discussed are the areas of understanding and influencing organizational culture and the role of establishing and implementing organizational goals. Leadership at all levels must be familiar with these two areas in order to be effective or they just may be destined to become an ordinary manager. Organizational culture is a set of common shared values that guide employees towards acceptable and desired behavior (, 2016). Organizational culture is primarily seen at two distinct levels that are visible and hidden (, 2016). The visible aspect of organizational culture is often represented by artifacts, symbols, and employee behavior (, 2016). While the hidden aspect relates to principle values and assumptions that employees use to determine acceptable and unacceptable behavior (, 2016). Organizational culture is influenced by purpose, environment, technology and size. Overall, organizational culture is needed in order to establish a collective identity, provide guidance, promote employee working relationships and reinforce positive employee behaviors and decisions. There are several types of organizational cultures that vary depending on the degree of integration and application (Tatarusanu & Onea, 2013). The various types…

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