How Does Culture Affect Organizational Behavior

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What other issues do the structure and culture have for other topics of organizational behavior (motivation, reward systems, etc.)?
Most issues affected in organizational behavior arise from stress. An organization especially in today’s environment faces an overlooked yet critical challenge of attempting to balance and align internal and external stakeholder needs (stakeholder symmetry) and mostly it is shown by making the wrong decisions on matters of dealing with the organizational behavior and work flow processes.
The most common problem is organizational stress arising from job burnout. All of the elements can encourage employees to work harder or chip in to disengagement. By understanding how to get the greatest output out of your employees,
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Therefore, one reason why Mary might find it difficult to change the existing culture is because, culture is with the people and does not just change in an instance. Yes there is room to change culture but the process is normally gradual.
Hence, as Mary tries to change the culture of the organization, she might have to face challenges such as resistance. Resistance comes in as a result of people not wanting to come out of their comfort zone, which is, their usual day to day activities that they are used to. For them to change from what they are used to, to what is needed, Mary might find it difficult. If an organization is to change, then it has to unlearn something before it can learn something new. The same goes for cultural change. The "unlearning" is painful and causes resistance to change.
Another difficulty that Mary might encounter in terms of trying to bring about change is, the change process is time consuming since it does not happen overnight. On the other side she might be having pressure from the investors who want to see the changes in the organization, this might make her find it difficult trying to conceptualize the change

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