Essay on Organizational Concepts Of Organizational Design

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Organizational culture is defined as a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that show people what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. It is closely linked to a concept of organizational design. The Principles of management textbook states that “the organizing function involves creating and implementing organizational design decisions”, for example, the textbook stated “A culture that empowers employee decisions could prove extremely resistant to a centralized organizational design, hampering the manager to enact such a design, but a culture that supports the organizational structure [and an organizational structure that supports a culture] can be very powerful”. This means, if a company allows its employees to be part of the decision-making, it causes for there to be too many opinions leading to disagreements which lead to discontent in the workplace since everyone would want to have their own input, and pleasing everyone is almost nearly impossible. But with a company that supports each other and respects the organizational design can prove to be a well-oiled machine. One example of a company with a clear organizational culture is the Lincoln Electric Company. A Harvard case study by Arthur Sharplin fully analyzed the organization of this company.

Located near the city of Cleveland, Ohio, the Lincoln Electric Company is considered to be one of the biggest and best manufacturers of welding machines and electrode companies in the world. The company was…

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