Lincoln Electric Company Organizational Culture Paper

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There are many different organizational culture aspects found at the Lincoln Electric Company. They have a long history of leading the industry standard in specific facets such as providing employees the best place to work and maintaining loyalty amongst customers, to name a few. My understanding of the culture at Lincoln Electric Company is one of respect for employees, respect for upper management, a sense of community, and brand loyalty.

Respect for employees is demonstrated in several ways. It appears to be the core of the company, as upper management realized when the workers are happy, they will have a desire to remain with the company. The company allows employees to have a voice in the company in matters related to its success. A committee of representatives is selected from peers, and this committee meets with the CEO bi-monthly (Arthur Sharplin, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA., 1989). In 1919, the company developed the Lincoln Electric Employees’ Association, which gave employees an outlet for social activities and gave health benefits. Other perks were established and provided to employees, as well. Staff
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(2009). Principles of Management. Nyack, NY: Flat World Knowledge) Its foundation is developed and made strong (or weakened) by the employees therein. The environment is developed by team members contact and how they deal with each other as a functioning team. The Lincoln Electric Company has demonstrated an exemplary organizational culture, further strengthened by the employees within the environment. By respecting the employees and leadership hierarchy, this environment has been maintained throughout several decades, showing they are the industry and business standard for success, and have the ability to stand the test of

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