Essay On Lincoln Electric Company

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Lincoln Electric Company, an Ohio-based company is well known for its people-oriented culture. Its people-oriented culture originated from James Lincoln’s Christian upbringing. The son of a church preacher believed in the principle of service. A service-oriented demeanor stresses on the betterment of society before profit. Money just follows when service is rendered to others, particularly to customers. The well being of customers comes first before the well being of employees and stockholders. Reduction of costs results from efficiency in production and distribution. This in turn would result in a better quality product at a lesser price, hence, more sales. The income generated from the reduction in cost will bring about more incentives …show more content…
Onboarding is actualized through brief on the job trainings. Employees are later on introduced to the piecework pay system. Lincoln Electric Company provides feedback to its workers through the performance appraisal system. Mentorship with authority is the form of leadership prevailing in the company. Mentors act as personal coaches and workers are encouraged and as such, supervisory work is almost unnecessary because of the natural enthusiasm of employees to become productive. An advisory board is a ritual of the Lincoln Electric Company that is conducted every two weeks. Ways on how to cut costs for efficiency and concerns of workers are addressed during meetings. The Lincoln Electric Company has no organizational structure. There is an existence of an open-door policy and a free flow of communication among people in the workplace. The Organizational chart only applies to top-level management, only two to three levels away from the ordinary worker. Red tape does not exist in The Lincoln Electric Company. Ultimately, a change of culture is not needed for The Lincoln Electric Company. Its century old culture has shaped The Lincoln Electric Company into a debt-free and revenue earning company and still reaps satisfaction among workers and

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