Organizational Behavior Is Determined By Among Other Factors Essay

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Organizational behavior is determined by, among other factors, the organization model adopted. There are about five organizational models that can be adopted such as custodial model, autocratic model, system model, collegial model and the supportive model. Each of these models has its merits and demerits. As a team leader, my preferred organization model would be the system model. This model focusses on supporting and motivation the employees in pursuant of their goals through proper remuneration, provision of allowances and providing a conducive working environment while having in mind the overall goals of the organization (Pope & Blyth, 2008). In most cases, where the needs of the employees are not taken care of by the organization, this often leads to sub-optimization of goals, in which case employees fail to commit all their efforts to achieving overall organization goals. The system model, however, tries to eliminate this problem. Even with the application of this model, one must have the organization’s bigger picture in mind which is growth and profitability.
There are several factors that are pertinent to the growth of an organization, and the quality of the workforce is one of them. The competence of staff within the organization largely determines how competent and profitable the organization will be and as such staff development would be an essential factor to consider. Teambuilding is crucial in shaping organizational…

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