Organizational Behavior At The Highest Level Of Productivity Essay

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Individuals and their personalities play a very key role in organizational behavior. In order for an organization to function at the highest level of productivity, managers must focus on empowering individuals in order to strengthen the group rather than enforcing autocratic leadership to force the individuals to serve the needs of the group. Managers themselves also need to know their own strengths and weaknesses based on their personality types as well as common strengths and weakness for personality types present in their employees. For instance, a people with an Introversion-iNuition-Feeling-Perception (INFP) personality type might be best motivated for the purpose of serving the well-being of others; however, these same INFP personality types must also be wary that they do not let others take advantage of them. Additionally, managers need to emphasize a connection with employees in order to open channels of communication that are well-suited for employees to understand in more depth the goals and purposes of their actions within the workplace. Keywords: personality type, attitude, individualism

Step 1
Part I: “What About Me?”
My personality type is Introversion-iNuition-Feeling-Perception (INFP). This type indicates that my personality exhibits strength of character in regards to stability and assertiveness while simultaneously being good-natured and trustworthy. INFP individuals “are more productive when the effort [invested] reflects some ideal or…

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