Essay on Organizational Behavior And Organizational Culture

1480 Words Apr 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Volkswagen was once the biggest automaker in the world but with the lack of transparency of its company and from a widening emissions cheating scandal, it is now sinking rapidly. This is one of many ‘real life’ cases that have shown why corporate governance processes must be in place and put into effect in every organization whether it is big or small. Within this essay, numerous concepts and theories from the organizational behaviour course will be examined and related to this real-world problem. The focus of this report will start with the company’s organizational culture, concentrating on the leadership and its learning environment. Then it will shift towards the corporate social responsibilities and business ethics and then followed with the decision making process of the organization. This report will demonstrate why organizational behaviour and organizational culture is important for an organization to run efficiently and smoothly.

Every company or organization has it’s own unique organizational culture, which descends from the objective of their own leaders but comes together as one with the contribution and expertise of every member of the organization. Organizational culture is a powerful force that influences the environment of an organization through a system of shared value and behaviour. It is shown in the ways an organization treats its employees, customers and the wider communities as well as how committed employees are towards collective objective…

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