Essay about Organisational Dynamics

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An Organisational Analysis of SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd

Archit Prasad (12 DM-037)
Debaleena Biswas (12HR-007)
Himanshu Garg (12 FN-054)
Madhavi Verma (12 DM-081)
Tapapriyo Maitra (12 DM-151)
Yogaesh Sharda (12 FN-159)
Yogesh Khanna (12 IB- 061)

India has always been chosen as the preferred Research and Development centre by many multinational organisations; SAP Labs was no exception. SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd is SAP AG's largest R& D center in the world. The functional areas of SAP Labs India are Research & Breakthrough Innovation, Product Development, Customer solutions and Operations, etc. Due to its excellent employee learning system, effective management control and state-of-the art
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By our participation in the innovative business and technology community , we pursue the ongoing discovery of superior technologies and their application by an empowered team of people. “
SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd started as a small company which then grew at a very rate working hard to achieve its mission.

The strategy of any organisation should be devised to achieve the maximum success in its domain. So, before understanding strategy of SAP Labs India, we should focus on the trends of the software solution market.
It has been forecasted by Gartner Inc.that in 2012, India will be the fourth largest enterprise software market in Asia/Pacific. The country is forecast to account for 11.4 per cent of the region's total revenue of $ 30.30 billion this year, the equivalent to 1.24 per cent of the total worldwide software of market share of $ 278 billion. According to Asheesh Raina, the research analyst at Gartner, the emerging trends are leading the app demand towards newer architectures, business models, programming languages and user skills. Emerging mobile applications are transforming the app development space drastically and are one of the top three priorities at the enterprise level. It is also envisaged that trends of cloud computing and open source software will continue to dominate the market.
Thus, SAP Labs India has developed a strategy to work towards “Bridging the gap between local market demands and SAP's development organization

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