Essay on Organisational Behaviour

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Task 1

a)Organisational behaviour

Organisation is everywhere around us and people are the main recourse of an organization. today’s competitive business environment understanding the people who working in an organization is not less important then its overall success .organisational behaviour is concern with the behaviour of the people working within the company. It is the understanding of an individual or a group of people in order to help organizational improvement and its effectiveness
Organisational behaviour and management theory are closely related. the activity of the people in an organization can not isolated from the role of management

b)Importance of organisational behaviour

Organisation are
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How organisational behaviour improve the performance

Organisational behaviour is involve with some key issue of an organization which is very essential for the success

Communication: communication is comes at the start of an organization. without effective communication it is impossible to get the job done. In every single step in organisation communication is necessary. It inform every single one what to do next,so practice of effective communication improve the performance of an organisation.

Motivation: motivation of the people working within the organisation shape the future of the company .A self motivated leader can easily motivated other.
Sir Douglas Macgregor explain in his theory y that people are self motivated and people do not like to work in theory x. Although both theory contradict with each other but this the main reason to have a leadership to monitor an organisational performance.(Wong,2000)

Work performance: work performance is an important part of organisational behaviour. The success of an organisation relays on the work performance of the employee. A good leader has to ensure that the employees are feeling that there is meaning of their hard work.

Job satisfaction: understanding of organisational behaviour is also

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