Organisational Behaviour Challenges Sb Essay

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Organisational Behaviour in the 21st Century

Snehaal Bhalavat

October 9, 2010

To explain the challenges faced by today’s organisations, I will first express my understanding on organizational behaviour and further will highlight challenges and explain the problems in context to Indian business.

Managing People

Often managers think managing people is something that they often think they can do, or indeed ought to be able to do. The interesting thing is that it is neither something they have been trained to do, nor something that they have necessarily learnt or taught to do. (Kay et al., 2005, p.79). I too had a similar thought, and with the initial chapters my perspective towards managing people has changed completely.
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The only disadvantage that I understand on the employer’s part is that contingent worker’s cannot be an asset to the company.

The impact of contingent worker’s mostly are advantageous a few of them are listed below

• cheap and instant workforce

• not connected to unions or welfare organizations

• for site based projects to reduce movement by diverting permanent workers

• using local talent and skills reducing cost & time on training

• using minorities, collegians or women for survey related assignments

The major concern as stated by Vecchio (2006, p.16) is to manage contingent workers effectively as they do not have any commitment or loyalty to their employer.

Expression of emotions at workplace

With the growing number of social websites, online software’s and advancement in information technology has indirectly reduced efficiency and productivity in today’s employees mainly at the mid & lower level within the organisations. Vecchio (2006, p.15) states that with the increase of proportion of women in workforce, romance in workplace has begun to draw much attention. The trend provides greater opportunities for romantic relations to form. Rivalry, name-calling, intimidation, derogatory humor are misbehaviours in subtle form, but could be further aggravated to take the difficult forms leading to tussle, fights or even murder.

To avoid expressions and emotions

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