Ordering An Uber Is A Staple For Urbanites Everywhere Essay

2487 Words Mar 13th, 2016 10 Pages
Ordering an Uber has become a staple for urbanites everywhere. Whether one is going to work, get groceries or chill at the beach, you always know what you are going to get when you order an Uber, a smiling courteous driver happy to take you to your next destination, however, these smiles might be in short supply as many drivers are not happy with their current situation. Many other workers in the gig economy set up can sympathize with the Uber drivers as well. Currently, most gig economy workers are classified as independent contractors rather than employees, and while that may seem trivial, being classified as an independent contractor means that you have no claim to any employment benefits. Along with the possible ramifications of unpaid employee benefits, the outcome of this issue has huge implications on the future of a “multi-billion dollar economy.” This issue has been popularized recently due to the many ongoing lawsuits faced by companies using the gig economy model, the most popular being the ones Lyft and Uber are currently facing. Using these cases along with legal research and other academic sources, I will argue that workers working under the on-demand business model, specifically Uber and Lyft, should be classified as employees and there is an economic and legal basis to support this claim. It has been called the on-demand economy, the 1099 economy, the peer-to-peer economy and now the gig economy and it is currently taking America by storm. New…

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