Orange Is The New Black: Article Analysis

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Basic Introduction
Orange is the New Black, a comedy drama TV show that first aired on Netflix is 2013, follows Piper Chapman on her journey through an all women’s minimum security prison. The show is critically acclaimed because it brings up topics that many people are afraid to talk about. Not only is it taking on the topic of female prisoner in the United States prison system, it also reaches out and talks about race, sexuality and gender. Throughout the series, there are many reoccurring characters that Chapman runs in to, or befriends all who have their own set of unique experiences and problems. There is one character that really sticks out and is not usually seen on television.
Sophia Burset, another inmate within the series, is a transgender female, who although was born a male, identifies as a female, and
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L., & Stone, C. (2014). Transgender victims and offenders: Failures of the united states criminal justice system and the necessity of queer criminology. Critical Criminology, 22(1), 35-47.

This article differs from the others because it not only looks at transgender individuals as victims but also as offenders. This article argues that criminology needs to go more in-depth into exploring the unique experiences of the transgender population when they enter into the Criminal Justice System. First, the article goes in detail about the legal classification of transgender inmates within the penal system and how transgender individuals fall into the gender binary system. It also points out cultural stereotypes of transgender individuals and gives example through three different cases of transgender victims who faced violence due to their sexual orientation. The piece emphasizes the concepts that are often associated with transgender and how the criminal justice system responds to these ideas. Finally the article notes that further research is important to the topic of transgender inmates an the criminal justice

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