Essay about Oral Health Education Case Study

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Case study one
Source of the patient referral
Patient was referred to me from the dentist.
Medical problem
Presented was a 62 year old female, patient is an asthmatic and has bronchitis.
Social circumstances
She previously smoked 70 per week, but has since cut this down to 3 per day, due to cost and health issues The patient doesn’t drink alcohol. The patient has a relatively healthy diet.
Patients presenting problem
The patient has a four unit bridge on her upper anteriors, she has ten missing teeth and others which are heavily filled. The patient requires no other treatment other than three visit perio appointments
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Visual aids / resources
All sessions took place in surgery four of the practice, which is the therapists room, as this room was fully equipped for all oral health education, with models, posters and leaflets. (see appendix 6 room plan )
Full mouth model:
In order to show the patient a good and efficient brushing technique I thought using a full mouth model would be a good way to show the patient how to achieve this.
Using the model the patient could see as I demonstrated the technique to her, this way she could see this more clearly than if demonstrated in the mouth. I thought this would be a good way to explain to her, as I could explain as I demonstrated this

to her. I thought that the patient would remember this more as she was able to demonstrate what brushing technique I had shown her, including how to brush in awkward areas.
To demonstrate the correct use of floss I asked the patient to hold a mirror as it was demonstrated. I thought this was easier to do than on model

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