Oral Health Reflective Essay

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For my community research project I went to Jolley Elementary second grade classroom to teach 21 kids about their oral health. My goal for my lesson plan was to educate the students on the prevention of cavities. With that goal being set I also had three objectives set that the students would be able to recognize and achieve by the end of the presentation. My methods of teaching the class included a short informative video on oral health, a power point presentation aside to lecture and a flossing and brushing demonstration activity.
I began gathering my data through a 6 question pre-test that was sent out to the classroom for the students to answer in advance. The same test was given to the students after my presentation was complete
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This allowed me to analyze the improvement of the kids’ knowledge from before and after having an oral health education presenter. After analyzing the difference, it was clear that the students took away more knowledge than they had coming in. The class improved on all six of the questions asked. This was very rewarding to know that they were listening and truly learned more about their oral health. Another method I used to evaluate if the students gained anything from the presentation was asking them,” if they were excited to go home and tell or show their parents the flossing and brushing techniques they learned today”, which they all shouted “Yes”! I also evaluated the students by having them tell me something they learned today. The majority of them said they learned how to floss and that it should be done once or twice a day. I was also glad to hear they learned they are supposed to visit the Dentist twice a year. My first objective I had for the students was met based on my observation throughout the class activity and post-test questions, I am confident this objective was met by most of the students after the activity. My second objective was for the students to indicate the main causes of cavities. They were able to recognize that if plaque is not removed, cavities can form. They were also aware of the good and bad foods to …show more content…
I am coming out of this experience being more appreciative for Elementary teachers and seeing how much patience this job entails with this age group. There is a lot of planning that goes into teaching a class every day that I was also unaware of. I was thrilled to observe the students improvement on their oral health knowledge and engagement throughout the

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