Optimistic and Pessimistic Essay

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“Optimistic and Pessimistic”
Comparison and Contrast Do you know how can being optimistic or pessimistic can affect your life? When people are being optimistic, it means that they are looking toward the bright side of the world, seeing thing in positive ways. On the other side, a pessimistic person is a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst or is disposed to be gloomy (optimist, n.d.). Being optimistic or pessimistic can affect us more than we think. It can affect our life in relationship, our health and our work. Being optimistic or pessimistic can affect person’s relationship. When optimists are facing an extremely serious problem, they will not really be in a deep depression for so long. Being optimistic makes people
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Not so long after that, I heard that she passed away too. My mother told me that she was in a deep sadness until she fell ill and died of grief. This shows that our emotion from being optimistic or pessimistic can make a big difference and changes for our life. Being optimistic or pessimistic can affect people’s decision. Optimistic person might judge the situation they face with only positive thought which might cause some problems that can ruin everything in afterward. It does not mean that optimistic person are incautious but they might not good at anticipating the worse situation as good as a pessimistic person do. It is something that is unexpected to them. On the other hand, pessimistic person seems to have more ability to see through the entire problem more than optimistic person since their thinking process is always tend to be in negative ways. They can try finding ways to protect or avoid all the bad situations. When I was in high school, I was a student vice president and also a class leader. One day I collected everyone paperwork and went to my teacher desk as I wanted to send it to my teacher as a class leader. Since they do not want every single student to come in and out of their office every times they have hand in the work. If there were 30 students in the class that would be a student come in and out of my teacher office 30 times. Therefore, I have to gather everyone’s work and hand it in at one time. However, when I was there, my

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