Totalitarian Government In 1984 By George Orwell

Throughout history, figureheads from different countries have established different forms of government. However, not every single regime benefits the people. A government that has total and unchecked power is the most dangerous of all. This type of uncontrolled power is the foundation for George Orwell’s 1984. The novel depicts how a totalitarian government can oppress the lives of its citizens. A totalitarian regime is when the government has total control. It controls almost every aspect of the lives of its citizens and leave them very little freedom. Orwell’s use of complex characterization, bleak settings, and rousing irony illustrate how a single oppressive power can completely obliterate an individual’s fundamental human rights. Intricate characterizations in 1984 depict how a totalitarian government can revoke a person’s individuality. The protagonist, Winston Smith, is 39 years old, unhealthy, and out of shape. Orwell describes Winston as such in order to make him seem like the common man. He wants readers to be able to see themselves in Winston and to relate to him. Winston lives a miserable and oppressive life. He lives in a run-down and filthy apartment complex. The Party forces him to rewrite history as his occupation. He is constantly monitored by the Party and they do not allow him to have a meaningful and …show more content…
The names of the Ministries are very ironic because they are quite opposite from what they say they are. For example, the Ministry that Winston works at is the Ministry of Truth. However, this Ministry is not very truthful. The main purpose of this Ministry is to rewrite history in order to benefit the Party. The workers change events, dates, and even information on people to make the Party seem like they have never done anything wrong. The names of these Ministries and their actual uses clearly illustrate the deception that the Party has

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