Oppression Of The Natural Wom The Seed Of Areoi, Painted By The French Artist Paul Gauguin

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Discrimination against women is most likely the most subtle and ubiquitous kind of discrimination humans have against a particular group. Three aspects of the oppression of women usually include them as fantasies for men, women as the sex that drives men insane, and what the “ideal” woman should be. In the downtown Museum of Modern Art, one painting displays these three aspects of the repression of the natural woman: The Seed of Areoi, painted by the French artist Paul Gauguin on burlap material with oil in 1892 during his travels in the island Tahiti, which France colonized at the time. The painting portrays how men can objectify and fantasize women, while placing them next to being temptations and “perfect” women simultaneously enough for the cause of male madness; in other words, women are not understandable and are either forgotten or oppressed under the restrictions set by men. The fantasizing and oppression of women is evident in the changing forms of female beauty in Western and Eastern civilization enforced by men in power. The individual woman of today often tries to work her way towards the beauty ideal, and sometimes this isn’t possible due to the way their natural bodies are formed. The idealized “beautiful” female body and human is mythical and men contrive them most of the time, yet many women often feel as if they should try to live up to the fantasies of men instead of learning to accept and admire how they are formed.
When I first saw the painting, I was…

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