Essay on Operations Management

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Course Number and Title: Operations Management - DS 3520 (3 semester hours)

Junior or Senior standing and must have passed ECON 3610 (Statistics).
This applies to all students regardless of their major in the University.

Course Description (from current catalog): Management of the processes, resources, and technologies in the production of goods and services. This course will cover topics concerning the design, operation, and improvement of production systems. These are topics such as operations strategy, capacity planning, design and analysis of processes, quality management management systems, supply chain management, production planning and
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Students will demonstrate the understanding of the systemic relationships and interfaces between: a) the various aspects of operations; b) the operations functions and other functions in the organization. This is linked to COB Objective 1.1(see below)

College of Business (COB) Learning Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1 Broad Business Competencies - Students will be broadly knowledgeable in the various disciplines of business.

OBJECTIVE 1.1 Business Core Skills and Knowledge – Business students will demonstrate competency in the core business areas (incorporating global awareness and use of business technologies).

OBJECTIVE 1.2 Business Ethics – Business students will demonstrate awareness of ethical implications of business decisions.

GOAL 2 Critical Reasoning Skills – Business students will be able to apply critical thinking to solving problems.

OBJECTIVE 2.1 Students will demonstrate ability for problem solving and decision making.

GOAL 3 Professional Awareness – Students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in a professional business environment.

OBJECTIVE 3.1 Communication Skills – Business students will demonstrate proficiency in written and oral

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