Operations Management Systems Design, Forecasting, And Supply Chain Management

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The goal of most companies is to meet the wants and needs of their customers while providing a stable work environment and remaining profitable. These core objectives, which are generally included in the company’s strategic plan, can only be achieved with a high-quality operations management system. “Operations management is the management of processes that create goods and/or services,” (Stevenson, 2009, p. 4) and is the engine that keeps a company running. The scope of operations management is broad and includes many interconnected functions (Stevenson, 2009). However, “the primary goal of operations management is to match supply to demand” (Stevenson, 2009, p. 72). While it is difficult to rank the importance of the tasks which are necessary to meet that goal, some of the most vital functions of operations management are systems design, forecasting, and supply chain management.
A primary responsibility of operations management is systems design. Well developed and maintained systems lead to quality products and services, satisfied employees and customers, and the overall success and sustainability of the company. System design encompasses many phases of a production process and includes product development, facility specifications, work flow models, transportation routes, and the location of the corporation. The specifications and objectives of these areas are driven by the mission and vision of the company and are key elements in the organization’s operations…

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