Operations Management Chapter 1 Essay

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Filled Notes for Chapter 1: Introduction to Operations Management
Highlights of the chapter:
1. Operations as one of the three main functional concerns of most organizations.
2. The role and job of the operations manager as a planner and decision-maker.
3. Different ways of classifying (and understanding) production systems.
4. System design versus system operation.
5. Major characteristics of production systems.
6. Contemporary issues in operations management.
7. Operations as essentially managerial (planning, staffing, etc.)
8. The historical evolution of production/operations management.
9. Manufacturing operations versus service operations.

Reading: The Challenges of Managing Services 1. In comparison to
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d. Productivity growth in manufacturing is much higher than productivity growth in the U.S. economy’s overall productivity growth. e. Even though manufacturing employment accounts for a smaller portion of the employment for U.S. than the service industry, the manufacturing accounts for more than 50% of the Research and Development in the United States. f.
Operations Tour: Wegmans Food Markets (p.33)
1. Customers judge the quality of a supermarket based on:
a. Quality of individual products.
b. Exterior and interior physical look of the store.
c. Effectiveness and efficiency of service personnel.
2. a. Customer satisfaction is the major key to the success of any operation, without it the company cannot survive.
b. Forecasting allows the company to plan the workforce levels, purchase quantities, inventory levels and capacity.
c. Capacity planning allows the company to balance the trade-off between shortages and excess inventories and between waiting lines and idle time.
d. A good location can have a significant impact in attracting customers, thus improving sales.
e. Planning and controlling levels of inventory will assist with avoiding stockouts and avoiding excess inventory levels.
f. Good layout of the store can assist in maximizing customer service and sales by strategically directing customers through the store. An effective layout can also improve

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