Essay on Operational Improvement for Costa Coffee Shop

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Operational Improvement for Costa Coffee Shop
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Operational Improvement for Costa Coffee Shop Introduction
Small businesses are mighty minnows, reflecting the competitive spirit that a market economy needs for efficiency; they provide an outlet for entrepreneurial talents, a wider range of consumer goods and services, a check to monopoly inefficiency a source of innovation, and a seedbed for new industries; they allow an economy to be more adaptable to structural change through continuous initiatives embodying new technologies, skills, processes, or products (Ibielski 1997, p. 1). In
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Internal capabilities involve aspects of the management process such as the organizational configuration and environment and managerial characteristics. Merz and Sauber (1995) suggest that there has been a tendency to limit the study of business management to the broad functions of planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling. Efficient and effective processes require integrated tasks from product/service design to post-sale customer service. Quality has historically taken a process-focus at the front end, with programs like quality function deployment which turns the interfacing of customers and product design into a manageable system (Goodale, Hornsby, and Kuratko, 2001). Just-in-time (JIT) operating systems, albeit much less sophisticated than typical material requirements planning (MRP) systems, are consistent with rigorously raising quality levels by minimizing waste. In addition, JIT systems may be appropriate for small and entrepreneurial firms by focusing process improvement on increasing flexibility. One promising innovation is JIT II (Pragman 1996), where suppliers provide representatives of the supplying firm (called in-plants) inside the buying firm in order to facilitate efficient and effective management of the

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